This is the empty glory of the world – It's too negative

These first words come from an ancient Christian hymn, but they express a thought that I find challenging and think about what you think about it and how it can affect you. Words mean that this is the value of the world, wealth, success and popularity, the light of impressive attributes, mansions in sprawling rural estates, and so on. In fact, it is empty glory. Does it sound fairly negative? Are you just passing through, glittering, "empty glory" that masks an anxious mind and an empty heart, or does a lot of wealth have the key to life? How will we decide what it is?


Here is a big question that is at the center of our heart, what are we living and what is our main goal in life? Much of the modern world, pleasure, entertainment, entertainment, wealth and wealth come from widespread secular and humanistic values. These are the values ​​that were in their hearts and minds; do they have you? This is quite a question as it shows that the whole materialistic social structure and personal success mean that they are closely related. How can this glorious glow of the world be as empty as a huge bubble that exploded? So what are the words of the old anthem about our hearts and minds-are they like a giant, astonishing black hole that always thirsts but never satisfied?


This is the point when the teaching of Jesus has a direct and heartbreaking effect when he said, "Watch out and watch out for guile because life does not consist in having a lot of possession" (Luke 00:15). Oh, Jesus' words break the myth that life is material abundance. But this is a deeply embedded myth, because so many people are working to fill their enormous, teasing void with mere things. And then there are so many who advocate the praise, admiration and acceptance of others. Of course, we all appreciate genuine encouragement, but this love of praise and love leads to conscientious fear.

Jesus wrote of John the Apostle: "Nevertheless many of the authorities believed that the Pharisees did not confess that they would not go out of the synagogue because they loved the glory of man as the glory of God" (John 12: 42-43 ). "Glory" in this sentence means "the praise" or the idea of ​​exaltation. Do you see that the Pharisees were more concerned about receiving the flattery of their followers, and not the true endorsement of God, which he graciously gives to those who trust in his Son and faithfully follow him?


What praise and glory are you looking for? Materialism stuck you like hungry hunger? This is the baldness that Jesus said to beware of them so that greed would not suppress and saturate your whole heart and destroy you. You know there is a real danger that our property grabs our hearts and possesses us.

Rather, true riches must overturn. The riches of God's grace that have been filled in the death of Christ, so that everyone who trusts in him will receive peace with God and eternal salvation. Then, and in no other way, the heart is really satisfied – Satisfied God Himself. With the fullness of its fullness, we have found that the good sources of eternal life are overflowing. When we begin to grasp the eternal riches that we are all freed by faith in faith through faith through Christ's ultimate sacrificial work, we can see in comparison that this glory of the world is completely empty and vanity.

But it may also be useful to note whether you are poor in the values ​​of the fallen, ungodly world, or not, all who live and rescue their faith in Christ are full of it. And if God gives us a blessing on material wealth (see 1 Timothy 6:17), we must ask a great heart, wisdom, and humility to use this richness, not our glory but our glory.


And if you have Christ, then you have gained everything. This is the fulness of the glorious paradox of the life of Christ. Paul's Apostle shares many things about his own life, which applies to all Christians, for example, when he says, "He is so sad, but always cheerful, poor, rich, possessing nothing but everything" (2 Corinthians 6:10). Yes, we measure everything and see that winning the whole world, but losing her soul is the worst nonsense forever (see Mark 8:36). Material things can be a great help, but they never really satisfy the heart. That is why if your Christ as your Savior, you have eternal life. God himself will be in your life and you will not have to yearn for the seductive but empty glory of the world.



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