Time cures all things – this is a myth

We have all heard that time heals everything – nothing is far from the truth. Don't believe me – read on.

First, time can not heal anything – it's time not to heal, a medical professional, or a medicine. I know you probably think I'm going to be ridiculous.

If time can heal, I want you to heal faster – my recent hip surgery, heart bypass surgery, several years of business uncertainty, the negativity of a former spouse (I hope not to read it) and any area of ​​life that continues leads to some exciting opportunities

OK, do not complain here, so let me ask you – you are still waiting to heal certain areas of your life

Healing – literally means all – the process of restoring health is unbalanced , sick or injured body. It is also mentioned in the context of the murder process. In the field of psychiatry and psychology, healing is the process by which neuroses and psychoses are resolved to such an extent that the client can lead a normal or fulfilling existence without overwhelming psychopathological phenomena


I ask you – if most people say that time cures things in time, do they refer to the above things or something else? I bet – something else.

Time does not heal physical or mental wounds, but what happened over time, what heals or does not heal. So, if you mourn for anything, it is not time, but what you do or how you handle events, circumstances or situations over time. And why – well, to starters, let me ask you – are some people healing faster or slower than others? Do some people never cure certain losses? The answer is both – yes. So, it's not time, it's what you're doing or you're not doing in time. I know, I know I'm superfluous, but some people need to hear or read (not of course) more times to "get it".

So, what will some people get for faster healing? Here are some reasons; control, fear, impatience, future uncertainty, sacrificial mentality, bad self-esteem, crowded mental perceptual filters, the imbalance of life and the lack of life in reality. All of these require more explanation, but I try to keep this article under 1000 words – so if someone who does not heal well or try quickly can do more reading.

The source of healing in humans is a combination of those that use their minds / minds and minds / souls to treat, treat, or overcome life's challenges, problems, losses, and so on. sooner or later to all of us. Both are needed to handle physical and emotional healing and life-testing. Over the years, I have experienced that the people I knew who are unable to control their thoughts and have poor spiritual values ​​usually do not heal well or in time

. any combination of the following actions, behaviors, approaches or attitudes.

– Show your life more often, even if you don't think you deserve it or not.

– With greater gratitude for living life. When you lose something – focus on what you lost even more.

– Strengthen your spiritual life – in a way that helps you understand and accept the trials, disappointments and losses of life.

– Read the proper scripture.

– You need to develop a support system that will build you and not just cry with you and keep you in your loss or your problems.

– You learn to accept that all the challenges of life, whether you agree with me or not,

May I continue with suggestions for the pages, but I will leave you with one more – life will not pick you up when you put a bomb in your life it falls – it is not for you to choose, because now you have to "get it" – not life happens to all of us, and the key to happiness, the inner peace and the joy of life is not what we deal with – we consider it good or bad – but what teaches us how to shape us and help us live a better life for the people around us.



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