To live in peace where they are

There seems to be so much stress around them. People lose their jobs or are afraid of losing their jobs. People are financially struggling. People are in debt, they lose their homes. Relationships suffer. They do not take the fact that there is great anxiety and fear. What's the answer?

Well, of course there is no answer that wants to improve everything. But one thing I know, after 11 years of training and counseling with people who are going through a kind of crisis or a major change, is that before things can change, you have to be okay with where you are now.

I know the sounds are controversial. The fact that we want to change it indicates that we are not right where things are now – is not it? But if you think about it, this is the only thing that makes sense. Let me explain.

It does not matter what our situation is, we want things to be different. Those who have a straight hair want curly hair. We want to be thinner, our nose is different, another house, a better car, a larger flat-screen TV. We are quite bored in our work, either too shocked and frustrated. We want our partners to be different to deal better with them, we want our family to treat us differently and so on. Most people in most of their time strive to want something else than what. Is it possible that we can remain in peace by being where we are, where we are, what we are doing, and what, and are there still any goals we want to achieve?

When I say you live in peace where you are, people often think that this means they want to settle what they do not want. They think it means they do not have to achieve goals or have to be better. That does not mean at all. Which means that the constant desire, necessity, and despair that things are different are exhaustive. You're wasting our energy and the only thing you're doing is to give us more than we do not want.

I'm sure you've heard of people who were tough and big. They may have gone bankrupt, they have not lived anywhere, and now there are millions of millionaires and they tell us how we can achieve the same thing. You think that "they're okay, they can do it, but it does not seem to happen to me." But what happens if you go bankrupt and have to live now? You have to accept the situation. You have no choice. This can not do us anymore, things can not be worse than they are, so you have to accept it. That's why I think of these people, and then they have great success. Because they had to accept – and we must be in peace – where they were. They did not have a choice.

What if you can do this? You do not have to wait until everything is completely torn off to reach the acceptance point. You can now start. Be honest about yourself and your life, do not try to do it. You owe? Okay, you owe – accept it, calm down with it. They are worried, afraid of what will happen, in my stomach you feel bad about your thoughts – okay, worry, you're afraid and sick in your stomach. Let him accept this feeling. See the difference? Here is the difference in energy – not the struggle against it "I do not want to do this, I want something else, I do not want to belong", which creates resistance and stress and does not achieve anything. is that it is – a much more peaceful feeling. No more fighting.

If you can do this, some interesting things happen. First of all, you take the stress, stop your situation and fight against life. Second, we feel relaxed, then – answers, resources, solutions begin with you. Life becomes more positive for you. Why? Because you do not fight him.

Eckhart Tolle explains the books "The Power of Now" and "The New Earth" very well. Instead of reading the books, I would suggest you listen to them. Get the book on the audio CD and listen. I think you understand that much better.

Whatever it is that you do not love yourself, your life, your life situation – you accept it, live it in peace. Accept that it is so, and not resist, and desperately wants things to be different. Accept that I do not like it, but that's right. He refused to get it now.

There is nothing to lose and everything to win. You will not only feel better, I think you will find that life will be smoother for you and ultimately reach goals – without fighting.



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