To the peace test

How can you be sure of the right path in life? Nobody wants to commit the road, and then find out we've made a bad decision. We all want to be sure what we are doing or how we will move. There is one way we can know for sure. This is a peace test and comes from Chapter 14, XI, 5: 2 A wonderful journey: "If you are completely fearless and if all those who meet or think of you share their perfect peace, you can be assured that he has learned the lesson of God and not his own. "

I understood the peace test when I repeatedly tried to return to the last relationship, hope, and prayer to help my partner cure and deal with addiction. Each time I came back, I felt tighter and tighter, until my soul cried in my wrong way. Every time I listened to the call of my soul and left that contact, I felt the peace and I knew. And as I expose her spiritual journey, the most wonderful peace I ever knew will open. I know I'm on the right path because I'm in peace.

When I went back to the dysfunctional relationship, I felt exponentially anxious. These are expressions of fear – another sign that I was on the wrong track. I did not force myself to do what I thought the right thing to do was to feel better. Again I turned badly, and fear told me to go back.

The absence of fear and inner peace is a sign that tells us that we are in the right direction, but the text is more challenging to us than the text of A Nodule . The peace test is not just about feeling inside. It is about how others feel when they are with us – and even when they find out – and there is rubbing. Did we share the gift of perfect peace and love with our spiritual brothers – that is to say to everyone – because this is God's lesson? When I ask the question, I wish to say yes, but I do not know. I know I'm still doing a lot of openness and learning. I have found the way for inner peace and love, but my challenge is to give everyone … to all people the gift of peace and love.

How can I do it? You do not have to answer my own question or answer it. A Wonderful Course continues the counsel in 6: 5-9: "Ask to teach and not use your experience to confirm what you learned." I do not know what that means, including

When we react negatively to others, we bring the shadow of the past into the present and re-create the past We can not use our past learning to guide us because will mislead us. What should we do in the moment when there is peace or confusion – when someone or some of his negative feelings begin to rise – to convey experience to the Holy Ghost Who is our inner teacher when we ask him, we are confident that we will receive the answer and guidance that we are seeking, but … we must be released and asked. The answer will never be tailored to us because in our creation God gives us free will

This is what I practice in my own life, as I have indulged in forgiveness and seeking full salvation from the past. I can assure you that every time I turned and asked the Holy Spirit guidance, he came before I finish the question. I know this is not the intervention of my self, and pretend to know she knows what to do. It is the conscious wisdom of the Holy Ghost, because it comes from within and follows peace. All you have to do is practice.

Dear brothers and sisters, I pray that you will find peace in your life with the peace test. Make sure you always know what's right for you. If negative feelings disturb peace, I pray that you will come to the guidance that is always there for you. Namaste.



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