Tranquility – in a quest for peace

One seeks to gain peace now to enjoy a happy life. He advertise as he's constantly looking for it in the world. In fact, it is the same deep embedded / embedded inner self, and the seeker has to rinse / extract the inner genius and activate his energy. Unfortunately, some are using incredibly stupid methods for this purpose. Our life is full of pomp, dirt, and worldly pleasures. Human nature desires after the pompous material riches. Without being satisfied with the desires that are unlimited, you never sit quietly. Your wish list never ends and thus fists and slips behind them.

First, we need to clean ourselves to get peace, peace, health and wisdom, otherwise we will do our best to achieve this goal. Control of feelings is also very much needed for cheerful minds and healthy bodies, which are pillows of the power of life. Even our vision tells the inner state of our body and mind. Fortunately, those who have been in a relaxed spirit since their birth or come from such a family. People with such traits are cool even in the face of a pandemonium and are able to settle disappointment in a very thoughtful and cruel way in a ghostly spirit. How beautiful is the holy saint poet, Thiruvalluvar, Tamil Nadu said this: "The main blessing of a respectable home and crown is a glorious honorable successor." It is only the mind that can transform our lives and bring heaven to the earth, and it is very necessary to guide it. You must be careful when someone encourages the passion and hatred to fight.

Relaxation is also the basis for healing, calm, complex and calm, and it is very much needed for all time. We must not forget that every event in our lives is the cause of some causes and temporary as dreams. Terrorism is a sign of non-calmness, non-attitude, non-socialization and inner struggle. This will cripple us if we do not have to check it in time. In the current, uncontrolled and confusing, bold-colored life where the speakers hear tones exceeding 85 decibels (a banging voice), all with the false propagation of religion and politics, it was very difficult to lead a peaceful life. In order to avoid the threat of noise pollution, which leads to many diseases, it is very important that we spare a few moments of silence and yoga's nature and practice to ease our tingling nervous system.

Every thought comes from the head, so keep it cold and balanced. Hate, arrogance, and ego fuel burn in the fire, so avoid them. Warring States can bring the silence of weapons across borders through the choice of mutual understanding, respect and tranquility. Attacks and drought are relationships like destructive fires (hell) that pose a threat to our lives. We must leave our desires for the unnecessary desires and desires that hinder our development and the causes of many obstacles and headaches.

There are many ways to reassure the mind like meditation, silence of speech, breathing exercises, physical exercise, body massage, loneliness, trance, spiritual discourses, dancing, music, art, sights and enjoying the late smell of flowers gardens or relaxing. All of these activities are very useful especially during the dusk / crisis or restless stages of life that fill the dumped batteries in our worried and exhausting lives.

Man has to enjoy the glorious glasses of nature that he can console, bring happiness, peace and tranquility, which is an added bonus. The miracles of nature are extremely calm, wonderful and stressful. The creation of the Lord may reveal many hidden secrets to us. They can enjoy the clouds of clouds and clouds of clouds, the sound of rising winds, the sea frenzy, while the waves of swelling and swelling as well as the fight against each other fall. Occasionally walking into the sea sand or lonely walk along the river / sea in an undisturbed atmosphere will greatly facilitate the tired body, soul, and soul. Beside the glittering snow-capped peaks, the moon and the glittering stars awake at night, and when the moon is hiding and looking for fluffy clouds, rising and sunlight gives a wonderful and nerve soothing / soothing effect. Beside the pool, the trees adorned with trees are tree-lined trees that delight with fruity fragrant flowers sparkling with fragrant flowers and fruit. Get rid of flying birds in the open sky with impressive / impressive formations. Have you ever wondered deeply what the Almighty Power is holding without the huge domes of the sky and how the celestial bodies work without negligence?

It is silent, it is not confused, the mind can connect to God and divine exalted people who make the floodgates happy. If you can not find a solution to your problems, pass yourself on and leave the power to become irritated and defective.

Many gains lie in silence, rest and wisdom. A wheel of time will be smooth. The life cycle of such a person will improve as he learns the art of progress by overcoming obstacles. His behavior toward others changes. It will never get darkened or angry with tricks / trivial things and will avoid tread, predictability, and use balanced and moderate words rather than sarcastic or corrosive effects that lead to alienation. It controls insensitive feelings in the sense, does not reach the hurried decisions due to sharp thinking, and sparks life with its vibrant nature. People with such qualities are productive, do not shrink, and will not think of themselves to avoid hostility. They are free from sadness and neurological problems or mood. Relaxation slows down your passionate nerves. In a relaxed soul, one will not ignore one of the purposes of life. This person ears the wisdom words and enters them into life. The loud and nourished mind provides the spinning body as the person of these qualities will be psychologically balanced, hypoallergenic, sleeping, and the rate of heart rate will decrease. It will not be slow and confused. He will build healthy and beneficial ideas, and there will be no war fight (he will be happy to fight).

A relaxed soul rejuvenates the body system and increases stamina. A calm and silent person can easily distinguish between the wrong and the right, his concentration power will increase, resulting in quality work. Peace restores the ego. Since you are not an impulsive person, your thoughts will not be suppressed and will use your coercive power in daily affairs. Such skills lead to a reasonable and logical attitude. Tranquility promotes facial expression and general glamor and beauty, including reducing suicide tendencies. The calm soul and other virtues act as precautions / creative constituents to silence the flaming fire needed to achieve spirituality. We can also be silently connected to ourselves and look for answers to many inquiring questions and problems.

People in IT / BPOs and in the aviation industry in shift or irregular working hours that deprive them of sleep naturally caused many lives such as high blood pressure, sound and stomach disorders, stress and obesity . They need them to save time to release their tension through meditation, yoga and physical exercises.

Little attention has to be paid to our eating habits. Fibrous foods, leafy vegetables, shoots, fruits and milk should be consumed in our health and balancing mood – all sensitively. Vegetarian foods are antioxidants, protected against many diseases and their cholesterol levels are reduced.

We must not forget that science and human well-being are linked to the same goals that can accomplish nothing beyond the third relationship or co-regulation of the state of mind based on the peace of the mind and other virtues. Peace of mind and diligent ways can not lead to violent methods to solve our complex problems, as Mahatma Gandhi made the country's independence. The life of such persons is reflected in peace. Osho says, "Do not talk less, listen to the essential, telegraphic conversation and listening". With this man begins to purify purity, which is the soil necessary for meditation, rest and wisdom. The tranquility and the giving in the state of mind transforms man into precious pebbly-pebble gems that are worthy of nationbuilding and love. If some cool people unite and gain courage in the world, they can bring peace and joy to this earth without lifting their hands to fight. All religious and communist zeal disappears.



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