Uncertainty in context – A simple trick to be happy again

Are you sure of the uncertainty? In general, this means you are not sure that your relationship is grounded and worried that it may end. You are always jealous or suspicious, and these feelings are healthy for you and your partners. First, you need to know that the relationship is very uncertain and you are not alone.

First, you need to do a self-analysis of why you feel these feelings. Do you react more or more to your partner's actions or behaviors? Certain feelings of insecurity are in a relationship. For example, if you suddenly change your behavior, for example, losing your interest or coming home late, you may be suspicious. Generally, however, the insecurity of the relationship is more confident than anything that actually resumes with your partner.

In any case, the most secure way to connect is to resolve uncertainty if you simply communicate with your partner. Communication is an emphasis, but this is the best way to resolve not only the insecurity of the relationship, but all the other problems. Talk to your partner and simply be honest and explain your feelings. The partner must understand and be ready to move from his path to facilitate his / her feelings. It is worth solving the uncertainty of the relationship as if it were left unattended, which could easily cause disaster and lead to low self-esteem that is easily over. A healthy relationship builds on the basics of trust and communication where both parties are in good faith in the other.



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