Understanding the Universe and Creating Peace

Before joining the AI ​​arm and selling your soul to being connected to a machine and becoming vulnerable to the full control of someone else's computer programming, walk in the future with this brilliant and peaceful man, Mehran Keshe, Founder of the Keshe Foundation . This Iranian-born man may be the best-preserved secret that can have a powerful impact on preventing the destruction of humanity. He appeared in the world of radiation and nuclear science at a very young age, in 1981 from Queen Mary College, a nuclear engineer in reactor technology at London University. He had a unique interest in studying the structure of the universe, which was his inspiration for this advanced technologist. He says that you do not see any engine or engine anywhere in the natural universe and want the technology that he has developed to be used for peaceful purposes only. Having discovered in Britain and Belgium that after a successful career of a scholar and businessman, he discovered that his dreams were threatening the peaceful use of his technologies, as well as himself and his family. With intellectual property rights for its technologies, Belgium left the world in 2013, through public workshops, where they started educating a common person working on the plasma technology through open source through the open source.

Keshe Foundation has completed 204 public lessons in Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute in English and in many other languages. Most of the public tutorials are also rewritten into PDFs so they can easily be printed and read without committing the time to watch the entire videos, many of which are longer than three hours long. Presentations from the workshop are interactive and through this open source, people worldwide experiment and learn about plasma science and how they can influence all aspects of our lives.

There are many video and learning opportunities, namely

Keshe technologies include energy and energy, health and wellness, transport, food and agriculture, environment, health and environmental protection applications. solutions, space and intergalactic travel, family and relationships, emotions and soul. It may be surprising that "emotions and the soul" in the list of applications; however, Keshe technologies are integrated with the full knowledge and use of the psychology of human emotions, the keys to peaceful plasma solutions. Our collective and individual choices from our emotional states directed the world to the edge of destruction and "to correct the mistake of mankind". "Increase your soul and the souls of people around you". says. Mr. Keshe often states, "Here we are, to serve and not serve."

It says that there are four material states: 1) solid 2) liquids, 3) gases, 4) de ganses (GAs in solid nano state). He says that plasma is a separate entity, and this material is the weakest force in magnetic fields.

Based on the basic concepts of nano stratification and simple materials such as copper, zinc, copper wire, distilled water and corrosive solution, gas has been established, and showed that Mr Keshe described the basic elements in more detail and presented the field strengths and relationships, including the impact and contribution of human emotions. People all over the world have experimented with these simple materials together with the instructions. Knowledge is used to make their own unique creations for many different purposes. Examples: Liquid Plasma Nutrition, Heather Bryant's Works, Cary Kirastar Ellis, Gardeners and Breeders Workshop, and Hurricane Tom Salas Relief and Survival

People who learn this technology are encouraged to simply create and use their own creations cheap materials that are often found around their home or are easy to buy. There are many products available for health and wellness use, gas inventory, experimental equipment, and Magrav launching products.

The Keshe Foundation is expanding rapidly and currently has manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, Italy, Ghana and Austria, and many more will soon open. The Magravs Power Car System, which provides gas performance in conventional gasoline engines, and the Magravs Power Plasma Generator, which can power many houses from the main power of the house, can not be purchased

Mehran Keshe's three books entitled "Justice Creation Order, "" The Structure of Light, "and" Origin of the Universe "are also available to Keshe Foundation

A free online plasma wiki page for knowledge seekers.

People who are interested in teaching and have a solid knowledge and background in learning these technologies teach and teach local workshops around the world.

In addition to the other available videos, 22 childrens search engine workshops were created between October 2014 and October 2015. These are a great starting point for all ages to look at the balance and positioning of plasma and gravity / magnetic fields. In the first Kids Workshop, Keshe explains: "Very simply, what is it, we want you to understand this simple thing:" In the world, magnets, body, body cells are made, not flat. They always have bullet shape. "With simple magnetic balls, Mr. Keshe encourages kids to play games and experiment with magnetic and gravity fields and plasma." So let's try to explain the first session of blood plasma. Plasma is a huge sphere of magnetic fields, with a source, with the time it expects from the source to make it visible to us and when it is in the shell, totality with all the fields in the center is plasma … And you can change it, you can play it very simply you can understand why even if the plasma is soft, it is not difficult. "

He says," So the cornerstone of creation is plasma, not magnetic fields. Magnetic fields come from plasma and connect to other plasma. "

" The peoples of the earth are ready for peace. The leaders of the world must understand that we accept the peace and are obliged to accept peace as the leaders of the people. The Earth Council, the Universal Council, and the Core Team made a letter to send the world leaders. "Mehran Keshe

A recent draft of a comprehensive constitution that shares the intentions and commitments of the Earth Council of the Keshe Foundation on the Keshe Foundation's website

This article is about to finish an article offered by Mark House recently published by Mark House Facebook "If you understand the potential of these exponential technologies to transform everything from energy to education, there is another view of how we can solve the great challenges of mankind. "

" Good-bye, linear thinking, hello abundance "" We live in a world where a few men or men can have a billion people in the garage – and it has never been so. "

" Your mind is programmed linear. But in the next few decades, the pace of change is growing so rapidly that almost everything we can imagine can happen. Any industry in the near future will potentially disrupt. And if you're not excited or afraid, you're sleeping on the wheel. "



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