Victim again

You have made a sacrifice
We sincerely mourn the death

You are the brave soldiers of the holy earth
installed there to defend the border
You were installed there as a soldier

We all slept here with peace [Youfellintopieces
Some died a day
The willingness

You paid from the treasury
All your pain and misery
How much difficulty and difficulty is there?
Oh, the courageous trees on the ground
You stand there hostile attempts on the foil
You live in constant fear and fire
is not about to admire you.

What else can we do for you?
Not equally correct and true?
You can see the cause
You do not want us to swear

You have chosen to stay there
You can stay in comfort
You have all the freedom
You need to be true and the right way

Remember your true service
No word can add or suffice
Only your commitment can speak
You are strong,

You can open all possibilities
You come back and life again will be opened
It will only be if
Peace and tranquility reign

Your true words speak of our heart
It may start or begin for you
It is completely complete
Danger and bloodbath always

How many balls can you penetrate?
How many will be able to intervene
The Daily Scene of the Day
Lies A Dangerous Way

We Do not Hesitate to Pass the Note
The nation is ready to enter
The page can be rewritten differently

You may be bloodless
You are always our pride
You reign and direct our fate
Get rid of freedom after a great fight or rebellion

You can shine as a bright star
You can stay with us and not far
Here you can spark and inspire
There are no words except you admire

You can live under long stars and under heaven
Our earth and the sky is open
This is your effort and try out
We are proud to raise our heads and do not feel shy



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