Walking in the Spirit – How Do We Stay Quiet With Prayer?

Peaceful stay is such a great thing. When we can learn this, we have mastered ourselves. We really are in spiritual maturity and are in the spirit. It can take a long time, but we can definitely learn to remain peaceful, even if it comes to life's storms.

But how do we do it? First, we put our trust and confidence in the Lord, the only one that can really help us. When we realize that he is really under the control of our lives and that he keeps the whole universe in his hand, it is easy to trust and remain peaceful.

This is a process that requires time and practice. But we can do it. Jesus would not tell us that in peace we can reach every understanding if it is not true. Jesus told us to give us the peace that will reach all understanding. I know it's exactly what I do in my life. There was a time when I felt as if I was crying because I felt I could not control a situation but after I talked and prayed for him, I felt this peace and comfort that could only be God. There is nothing like that. And the more you put in and spend time with her, the more she loves her lover's arms around you and she really reassures. There is no comfort like the comfort of God if you feel like that.

Another goal for us is to deliberately strive for peace. God tells us, "Blessed are the peace-makers." We must strive for peace, because wherever there is discord, there is no peace and the prayers are hindered. This is another reason the Lord says: "Do not let the sun fall and you are angry." He says that if we go to bed with an angry or malicious person, we do not just block our own blessings but also impede our prayers. I do not want my prayers to hinder it. Right?

Husbands, they try to understand your wives and handle them well so as not to impede their prayers. Likewise, wives, do not lie down with your husband.

So, how do you stay peaceful when there is chaos around you, or when all hell gets rid of? You are alone with God. How. There is power when you kneel alone. You are casting him and asking him to give you wisdom about how to handle the situation and give him wisdom. The Bible says who will cast his wisdom to anyone who asks. Obviously, if you ask, you are honest to have God's will in your life. He directs and guides the way, and he respects his desire to keep his temper peaceful.



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