War and Peace – How Do We Lose Happiness?

War is the opposite of peace. When we say that we are taking a war to preserve peace, it is a delusion, it does not know the truth of the moment, which is war and replaces it for the future that is peace. This is a shell game. If we believe and mix ourselves with such ideas, we will soon say that we are truly peaceful (if not this damned war) to live in some kind of ideal, then we are actually violent.

This psychological game takes place all the time. Rather than actually be aware of what we are, we live in the world of illusion and see images of what we are or hope for, and the images are never true. Our thoughts, speech and deeds show the truth of our character, not our faith and principles.

This is an important area to be discussed, because if we actually live in illusions and pictures, we never deal with what is right in front of us, and only deal with the confused idea of ​​what is happening. This always leads to confusion and conflict. Then there is a dichotomy between our thoughts, and what is reality, and when we try to make the adjustment between the principle and the reality, conflict appears and no progress has been made. This is where we lose our happiness. Rather than adjust ourselves if we can only "stop and see" once, just to see what we are doing and how to deceive ourselves, we can change the whole perspective.

It is a sign of how we disrupt ourselves when we continue on the same paths of anger and hatred and nothing changes internally. Or do not realize how angry you are or are you proud of our anger. For example, if we think that we are kind to a person, and the reality is that we are not at all kind of merely merely reading and hearing from others in the books, then whenever we hear the truth, it naturally rejects it. We reject it, because correction, from secondary knowledge, to reality based on actual experiences, is too big a breakthrough.

Instead, we deny the truth aloud, ignoring and attacking the messenger, whether a messenger or a tragic event like death. Anyway, they plant seeds. Over time, as this truth looks to our clients, does this truth tell us that everything changes, human life suffers or does not have a constant being behind the psycho-physical unity; we gradually accept the truth and we believe this is our own idea. It's a psychological thing and accepting a new idea.

We can begin to see if we are aware of ourselves and work for ourselves. Working with others or trying to change others is just a clever deviation and a temporary escape from the actual evolution of things. All this begins to open what we are right now, at this moment. If we want to see that we are right now, we need objective observation at this moment, and the best observation I know holds my own minds. Every ideal, every belief, every principle is based on the idea and is therefore false. Every thought is false, it is not truth, and all observation, such as observing our thoughts and feelings, leads us from outside, where we create images and principles, not observable truths.

If you do not believe this, just look at the world. Even the highest principles and idealists, the most loyal people, are filled with anger towards those who disagree with them. The world is fire, religious, economic, and political.

It's time for each of us to look at us.

"How easy it is to see your brother's mistakes, how hard it is to face yours, the wind like a powder, but yours is hiding like a cheater that covers the pitiful throwing . "

– A Dhammapada



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