War and Peace

Section II. Since the end of World War, the conflict between the Atrocities of the Third Reich and Hitler's tyranny, an American generation, grew up in the shadow of war and aggression. These men and women now reach the stage of life when they are often reflected and considered what life and their place in the world are.

The components of the mentality of war have become part of our culture. How many video games are sold that embody the culture of war and destruction? How often have we heard someone say "bomb them back to the Stone Age" * or does a similar voice say?

My generation has grown up to play a soldier and watch movies that illustrate famous battles, our fathers fought. When I was born, the troops responded to the Korean conflict. Officially during the war, this "police action" remains unresolved in the North and South Separate Demilitarized Zones.

The papers published in the '60s divided the title of the H bombing tests and the building of the Berlin Walls from East to West. All this is known as the "Cold War". The 1958 National Defense Education Act was an increase in our fear of Soviet rule. Our leader feared that Soviet scientists had gained advantage in space competition. Every part of the "cold war". The title of this legislation refers to our thinking about the tense coexistence of nations. WE ARE PROTECTING; National defense, Civil defense, "Nickel protection", defensive driving, defense line, we call it. Man seems to be doing war and everything.

In the sixties, the Vietnam War was built up. There was a war in the Middle East, the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War in 1973. During this period, we also fought in the struggle against social problems in our country. There was the LBJ war on poverty, the war on drugs and now on the war on terror.

In addition to these armed conflicts, there is a war against cancer and other forms of human illness. "Battle of Bulge" refers to the war of European war and obesity. There seems to be nothing we will not wage.

Bosnia war and war-torn Iraq. The war in Afghanistan and the war in Darfur. We waged war in Panama, penetrated into Grenada and the Pig Bay. There are some nations on earth that are not affected by war. The FDR said, "HATE WAR." Eisenhower warned of the "military-industrial complex". General Sherman said, "War is hell." And I believe him.

Hugh says: Give a chance for peace. If we get to the Peace Train, we can get to our destination and enjoy peace and quiet before we all relax in peace. We must re-energize the Peace Corps, start a new peace movement, and start peace. If not, I can get my Peacemaker and blow your nieces off. I'm sorry, I took it. Peace Bro!

Democracy, which means the preparation or actual preparation of a modern, scientific war, necessarily disappears from a democratic point of view. No country can be really prepared for modern war unless a tyrant prevails in the minds of a highly qualified and perfectly obedient bureaucracy. – Aldous Huxley:

* remarks to General Curtis LeMay that he later refused to manufacture.



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