War fever

It used to be called "war fever". This is now called PTSD-post traumatic stress disorder. There was time when there was no cure, only a short-term relief. Today, this may change, as war veterans have not responded for decades, just symptoms. There is no chemical relief in this illness, but it did not stop there with thousands of attempts to try all the known forms. In this arena, addiction is abundant.

Science and psychology are united in a new way in places that have such traumas for such soldiers. There are still soldiers from World War II. Few people escaped from the wrath of war fever at a certain point of travel. Every survivor living in war has the same misinterpretation. Let's take a passage over time, change all the rules of what it means to be a decent human being, then change the rules and not wait for it. War Fever Is The Dead Game . One day the murder is bad. The next celebration. The more merrier is the motto of war. Genocide. Take out the enemy. Failure damage is expected.

In the field of science, physics and chemistry, the highest minds were used to create mass murders of "our enemies". Einstein has discovered the technology that can well end the walk of mankind on this planet. But no one has found a way of thinking that people can buy and justify taking over another's life, far fewer lives. We are not programmed to destroy ourselves. Some (our soldiers) had to be taught and their mind burned from the idea.

A soldier flying from the Cottontails World War II war fever back to Medina, Ohio, when he returned. He was my grandfather, Ralph Warren Hisey. Ploesti fell over Romania and came to a dead British soldier while hiding in the brush. She switched clothes and wore the RAF (Royal Air Force) flyer uniform to deceive the Germans and think she was English. He worked until he was taken to the detention camp and the "boys" exclaimed, "Hisey here!"

Quickly, a few decades ago, I wake up at dawn, and I watch my grandfather stand in the field. I thought I went out and went to the fence. I figured he threw something. He saw me and called me and said that he was practicing the whole track all night in the dark in the ark. – Hitler did not have this! he said, pointing to his head. "The Nazis never owned me," said the soldier. He always rehearsed his poker form and practiced all the workouts on the cement floors until he was too weak. When he returned to the United States, he was the shadow of his former self and hardly had enough work. His dream of a professional baseball game was a long, lost thought.

War fever has kept him all his life. In the hands of the Nazis, the nightmare of torture came at random. The feeling of helplessness that he can not describe takes him. Sometimes it was just the smell of cabbage. He fought the Germans for the rest of his life. They were never released.

We are now introducing a new kind of "technology" with a combination of medications and a kind of led meditation / talk therapy. Returning to the scene to try again the damage, they mixed the ages. Returning to a controlled, but altered state, you can find better answers and solutions from experience. This can only be done in a guide

Our current struggle in distant places creates a new PTSD brand, resulting in further loss of life. In the land of the United States, safe and at home their soldiers are still killing in the name of the war. They kill their immediate family when they fight their lives.

Perhaps the new techniques will give relief and peace of mind among the generations of war veterans who are living among us and will continue to do so in the coming years.



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