War of God or the God of Peace – Bible Issues

Here are two verses in the Bible that seems to contradict them, but I'm sure that with some creativity and manipulation, good minister or religious scientist there might be some sense of it. Exodus 15: 3 (MSTC) The LORD is a warrior; the Lord is his name.

Romans 15:33 (MSTC) May the God of peace be with you all. Amen.

The Lord Warrior does not mean he is fighting or killing, yes. According to the Old Testament, God killed many people and pulled out a whole city at one time, flooded the earth to get rid of the evil, and of course he could forget that after we got into the New Testament, God killed the only single-born boy Jesus. I do not know if I really want this guy to my dad.

He seems to be rather moody, but very loving, caring and understanding. You're still bothering me, I am. Maybe I should not miss the word I look around.

Peace God claims to be a loving and understanding leader. This has more sense for me because it has created the earth and everything around it. For example, if, for example, building a home to create such a beautiful peaceful place where I want to live, I would not think that I would destroy what I had created. I will think more about how I can take care of this creation.

There is a lot of sense for me that God will be peaceful, but sometimes to get peace, we must be a warrior. If God had created us to be more compassionate, we could eat lots of poultry, live many homes, remove our sinful nature, and of course, who could forget to give us a goal in life that was clearly understandable. You do not see the need for warriors.

Perhaps the God of Peace is different from the Lord Warrior. Thinking is a good thing, put your thinking hats and start reading a bit with the Bible's open mind.



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