We are all changing agents – so it's here!

How can you make a deeper distinction in the world?

Science proves that their past thoughts, choices and actions have created our current reality and that our current thoughts, feelings and choices create our future reality. Not so comfortable? Believe it or not, it means that all sorts of pure, loving, compassionate thinking about yourself or the world around you really make a difference … in a huge way! How exciting is that? If this is news for you, I suggest you invest in quantum physics and the law of attraction …

Happiness in life results in life choices. A quote that rolled my wheels a few years ago was a Depak Chopra claiming that "people are creatures of habits and everything that we think and do is exactly the same as the day before." WOW, is not that a fool? Think about it … How often do you have the negative thought of yourself or the world around you like a broken record? Or how often do you find yourself on the TV after one business day? What about the addiction to certain foods, beverages or even drugs? Many of our thoughts and actions are very unconscious. We are like people most of the things from the habit or the memory. Does this mean that if we bring positive behaviors daily, we achieve both internal and global peace?

The reality is that it's not like a good day or a bad day. There is no such thing as a beautiful day or an ugly day. As Michael Beckwith says, "Neutrality begins every day, today everything you choose to do is life about choices

Now, at this moment or you decide to be happy or sad, you can respond unfavorably or in a positive way If you are challenged or played on the victim or you can choose to learn it

By the habit and the discipline I have chosen to choose a day to day that I am happy at this moment, I decide to react positively every situation, and I decide to learn from the challenges to help me grow into a person. We are the same choices: how do you want to start making decisions that are better and move to a happier, better performing life? " All of us have the same choices. Or we decide to concentrate on the hatred and sadness of the world or to decide to focus on the peace and love of the world. I decide that I am at the heart of peace and love … nevertheless it is definitely your choice! "

The world's peace is through individual journey, but also through teamwork! I hope you join us in this path of self-realization and open the enormous potential that is deep within you

A Person, a Thought, a Choice, one action There is all that has a huge impact on our world … you are the person!

From: Free Spirit Morris



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