What does each card mean to you in 2018?

Tarot reading, a form of division, can be used as a guide to recognize problems, actions to be taken, and meditation. So, to give you some help on what the New Year can be for you, and the best action you can take to make the most of the year, Tarot 2018 offers a great guide. The universal energy that comes with the tarot deck helps in accurate tarot reading when used correctly.

For personal growth next year, Tarot 2018 will show that you will have a relationship with your self. It will take time to tell your deeply separated values ​​and how to react to any situation in life. Tarot cards ask you to look again at who you are and act accordingly. As the year goes by, things become clear.

So from the beginning of the year to month to month, to the end; Tarot 2018 predicts the following:

A & # 39; Lovers & # 39; The tarot board encourages you to respect yourself as you respect the relationships around you. Reaching inner harmony is only possible if there is a balance between respecting your self as you respect others.

& quot; Strength & # 39; The card suggests you are getting closer to the world if you love yourself better.

& # 39; Justice & # 39; welcomes you to further investigate your personal balance and make the right mistakes so that the scale is not too far and gives us balance and balance.

The Mirrored Tower & # 39; suggests that you are ready to face certain changes in order to move forward.

Reflected & # 39; World & # 39; it means that if you are not willing to face the changes, you may not be able to keep the balance. The change is necessary for evolution.

A & # 39; Judgment & # 39; asks for mid-year to make more serious efforts to achieve clarity and redemption if we are to achieve our full potential.

& quot; Hanged Man & # 39; ; reminds us once again that we must abandon our old ways for the greater purpose of life and look for new perspectives to go the way to our goal.

Reflected Emperor & # 39; recommends that you throw your weight around people unnecessarily and exhaust your scales on one side. Little attention should be paid to how others treat them.

A & # 39; Death & # 39; The card means that we are now ready to face the world in a new, improved self, releasing old ideas and manifestations.

Autumn "Fortune for Fortune" bike; it shows that we do not have to feel the danger of change because it is part of life.

The High Priestess & # 39; encourages you to focus on knowledge and intuition as the year ends. Then, in the coming years, we can better control you.

The Year is Common, & # 39; Along with the Emperor, as you create yourself, you have a reliable power and understanding of the fluctuations of existence.



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