What is Christian Peace?

Peace is the supreme gift for everyone who trusts in the Lord. It is not the species the world wants to achieve because of the destruction or disadvantage of others. Or a conditional peace of the individual to each other.

Christian peace is calm – silence and unrest. This is the kind of peace that God encourages David after encompassing all the enemies of the Lord. The same peace that the Lord gave to Isaac in the land of Gerra, when he had driven a hundred times, while famine had destroyed the whole earth.

Peace of God Gift

This kind of peace that does not cause pain, emotional anxiety, or unnecessary fear. The peace that the world gives them a man or nation under honor or servitude.

The Lord said, "Because I know what I have for you," says the Lord. "You are planning for peace, not evil, to give you hope and hope" (Jer 29:11).

The reason why God's peace had cast off the Israelites was because they did not listen to God's command. They did not trust it, but strange gods and other nations' military powers.

How to Get to the Lord for Divine Peace

1. Through Love:
Love of God and others prevent the inhibition of bitterness, anger, hostility and hatred. These inadequate ingredients cause emotional disturbances that cause dreadful illnesses and illnesses – heart attack, depression, high blood pressure – lack of internal peace, mental and mental disruption.

2nd Through obedience:

"Great peace with those who love your law, and nothing makes them stumble" (Ps.119: 165).

Laws gather together on these two great commandments, love God and love your neighbor. To love God to obey His commandments and to obey God's commandments to love others. One of the greatest rewards is to give the gift of peace to meet God's commandments.

3rd Keep Yourself:

"Blessing with true worship, however, is also a great asset, since we did not buy anything with us when we entered the world and we can not afford anything if we leave it." (1 Tim 6: 6-8)

4. Hold on all the fruits of the spirit:

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, loyalty, 23 tenderness and self-control. There is no law against them.



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