What is the true meaning of happiness?

I start my notes to try to find the answer to our most basic question, which we almost often ask. Which one, why am I so unhappy? on the other hand, can I interpret what I have to do to become happy? & # 39; To find the answer, we begin by finding the true nature of happiness. As we know what happiness is, we can try to find out why happiness is missing or missing in our lives.

According to the Merriam-Webstar online dictionary, happiness is a state of well-being and satisfaction.
If we take the above definition one by one, happiness is associated with a better life or a better life.

Now let's see that the greatest philosophers of the two times say:
Happiness is when you think what you say and what you do is in harmony. ;
Mahatma Gandhi

That's right. If you are true to yourself and to others and you are always right, whatever it is, you feel great joy and it really makes you happy.

The definition of aristol is even broader and deeper. He says happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the full purpose and end of human existence.

According to him, happiness is the real purpose of life. And it's true. Personally, I don't think of a better definition. Because the pure joy and happiness we get from doing or experiencing certain things is invaluable. When you visit a place of calm, calm or great natural beauty, or when you spend time with loved ones or doing noble things, your heart is full of pure joy. Can you really put a price tag in it? Not at all.

So in the end, all in all, what did we find? We learned that it brings just happiness. Also happiness is what you have to do around your life. Let me tell you, my dear friends, what I realized and observed, happiness is simplicity. Every living entity needs three essential things to survive; which are water, air and food. We need much more. But do we really need much more? We may need more than basic things, but not necessarily much more. Unless you are a real yogi, I say that if your basic needs are met, you will look for clothes, shelter and some comfort. And the truth is that almost half of the people in our world live with these basic things. No big house, expensive cars or designer clothes, etc. These are the material things that make your life difficult, do things that can cause tension, create greed, and remove some real and simple but essential things from you that can be invaluable.

Life is Art. Not only is life a form of art. Happy life or happy life is an art form that strikes a perfect balance between your material and your desires and your true senses and your spiritual well-being. Mind is the strongest controller of our lives. Having lost our minds after unnecessary and materialistic objects, we bring too much complexity to our lives, which is losing us. We remove the truth, forget to enjoy the little things of life. By not maintaining the balance in the circulation of wealth or material objects, and causing tension in your life among our real needs. I'm not saying you have to give up everything to be happy. Live a simpler and less complicated life. This may be the first step you can take to happiness in your mind.

In our other articles, step by step, we learn

1. What are the causes of unhappiness.
2. What we need to do to make ourselves happy (apart from the above).
3. How to balance our lives, actions and greed.
4. What to Prefer in Our Life.
5. How to find peace.
6. What is the purpose of life.
7. What can we do to improve the quality of our lives.
8. How to connect our mind, body, and soul to feel the true power to do good things to you and others.
9. How could this world be a better place.
10. How to do meditation and improve the quality of your life.
11. What is spirituality and how can spirituality be divine.
12. What is yoga and how can we use yoga to improve our physical and mental health and improve our lives.
13. How to do simple things in life to help others and feel good.
14. How can we consider our world as a better habitat, where every living being can find its place and live in harmony.

We continue our exciting journey through other articles I will soon publish. Stay well and be happy. Peace.



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