What is vibration or what is the frequency of wealth?

Many people are curious about the relationship between brainwashing and law of attraction? When meditating, our cerebral waves are lower to low Alpha (mostly for calm focus and concentration) or Theta (best for dreaming, pure dreaming or manifestation). By using the brainwave generator or the binaural pace, we can reach conscious Delta, which is the brainwave that allows us to access the collective unconscious. (Without training or practice, you can not be aware of the delta.)

The best cerebral waves appear to be manifest lower than usual. So, most teachers suggest to increase your frequency to synchronize your wealth?

Our brain waves affect our thinking patterns, not our full spectrum. It is useful to change these thought patterns to give our Ego on a daily basis. This allows you to connect with super conscious or higher-minded spirits. Some people find it easier to do this, initially with binaural rhythms, but studies by long-term meditators, Silva Method students or distant viewers show that they can learn how to quickly brainwash the brain without helping the brain wave insertion tool.

– Through the Ego we can communicate directly with the Godhead / Source or Spirit Guides. This raises the general frequency of which is different from the brainwave frequency. The lowest personal frequency is shame, fear or hatred. The highest is enlightenment.

Our Emotional Frequency

This frequency affects the law of attraction. Low frequencies are solid and dense. Highest frequencies are light and luminescent. David Hawkins Power vs. Force has been censored from 20 to 1000 in human censorship.

On 20 (shame) our immune system is weak and we are prone to physical illness. The other end is 700-1000, the level of Krsna, Buddha and Jesus. The earth is influenced by the frequencies or energy levels of each of us, and the whole frequency affects it. Princeton's Global Consciousness Project saw a significant, worldwide, negative echo before the first plane hit September 9, 2001. He also noticed a significant worldwide positive sign of Barack Obama's inauguration.

The frequencies below 200 are the energy dissipation of nearby and terrestrial people. This includes guilt (30), sorrow (75), fear (100), and pride (175). You can not consciously appear on these frequencies. You bring guilt, sorrow, fear and pride to the world. The first positive emotion is courage (200). Brave people are revealed and determined and brought back to the world as they do.

We are very positive (310), acceptance (350) and love (500) and peace (600). At this level true happiness and manifold manifestation. David Hawkins estimates that an individual 300 is offset by 90,000 people below the 90 level. Level 600 (peace) counterbalance less than 200 people to 10,000,000 people

What is the frequency with riches?

desire. We have found that participation in a positive life allows us to create more of what we desire. This does not mean that we will never have any trouble, but we can easily jump over every obstacle. Often it turns out that these chaos were there to move in a more fruitful direction or to teach us something that we should know in the near future. Your positive emotions have absolute confidence in the universe.

Having successfully achieved these positive frequencies is far more good than bad in your life and environment and

So use the brainwave frequencies to help meditate and meditate to help reach a higher personal or emotional frequency.



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