What is Word 2018?

A few weeks ago, one of my teachers asked me what my age was about, and to be honest, I had trouble with her. I kept thinking slowly. Slowing things down. Real melody I said yes or no. He did not really feel it. She asked me how I felt the word slowly. Bingo! That was the missing link. The feeling I slow down is the inner peace. And so inner peace is my word – my fearsome page secretly loves being really two words because who created the rule that it should be absolutely different?

So, my dedication to myself is to have more inner peace in 2018. We have continued to think of what thoughts, words, actions, and habits I need to create more of this feeling.

This is what I came with and I share this with you because I think it will help you to create yours

I have to say that this process first involves the view that draws inner peace. Then I created the following:

1. I just say yes to projects and social activities (I like fun, but sometimes I have a price) that are in line with my values. Understanding the 5 most important values ​​is key here and their ranking will also help. It is also easy to log on every week. Knowingly aware of the moment you make your decisions is the ideal goal, and in the meantime, every week, objectively backward, to get the measuring tool how you did it will help. I'm not saying about projects and activities that do not respect my soul. It is similar to (1) but it is about not,. This means that we must continue to work so that I can not say anything. I've been working on this for years and still look up. I find the more balanced the self-sufficiency, the more it is a problem.

3rd I did not tell myself! My ego wants me to pick up every moment of the day and just do not serve me. And not with the self-help activities that I could pick up. More about the never-ending "do" list.

4th Involve an extra self-care activity for a day that is beyond my morning's success story and exercises. This in itself has made a difference.

5th Get more help. I also supported my business team and home support. Now I keep checking if anyone can do anything else I do, and then transfer it if they can! This life takes a village!

6th Meditating with the kids at night. This is done more diligently, and they also create a much more peaceful environment in the evening.

7th Let me cut a big break and lose judgment! Insert a lifelong lesson. When I listen to my self, I tend to be very black and white and especially tough to myself. This is about letting my rules go away when I feel like 1. Sometimes I'm excluded outside the "values" bar, and that's okay. It's designed for a system, but sometimes I want to get a little crazy sometimes and a bit. Last but not least, and most certainly the most important thing, every day in my heart. You are really listening at every moment about what is the best action (or not action) and staying true to it. Our hearts and souls are wise, and we know there is a need for every step of the way.

Some of these are tangible and easy to control according to habits, and something more difficult. Tangible action steps help the immaterials to roll better. The moment you learn to "let go" and our integration into our hearts is super-powerful, and both are measurable over the past week and / or month to see how we did it and how to fix it. We are all curiosity and not intellect.


Chris xo



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