What's in our thirsty soul?

The soul is the place where life force lives, the first breath of life that has begun our life to leave our last and last breath. This is the most sacred place of the human body; yet its existence is too easy to neglect, as it threatens to do the best. The thirsty soul is the result of ignoring and cultivating the practices that have separated us from other life forms. Compassion, empathy, kindness, sympathy, and repentance are all refreshing food for bad actions. Our highest consciousness exists in our soul. Ignoring these trains effectively burns our souls and leaves unconscious consciousness. There is no integrity, morality, principles or ethics in a person with a guilty conscience; it is best for anyone to get lost in the resistance debris against higher hits.

Violation of the behavior over human nature against human nature. Your instincts are to survive first and to succeed in our environment. We all were born to dream of bigger dreams, to believe in things we didn't see, and we realized that it was impossible to dream. Only when we have lost our way will we get to the state of weakened conscience. If you think everything is lost, ask for advice; the cries are heard, they pass through the darkness, the clouds are filtered to mix with the starry world and find their way to the Master's hand. Be in peace; keep calm.

Although there is no memory of the hand placed on his soft forehead when he breathed the first breath of life, he knows that the seeds of dreams and great hope accompany the first breath. The child you were was unaccompanied and knew everything was possible. That's what inspired you to place your head in a soft grassy area, look at the fluffy clouds over you and see if anyone else can. It dreamed, the earliest saw what could be.

Where did everything go, the style, the agile figure, the accuracy of your movement, the purity of your mind, the brightness of your words? There was no thief who stopped these treasures from you, but you and you alone, who chose them much less than you had ever dreamed of. Doubt, fear anxiety and hatred fulfill the life that is corrected by failure; The lighter road, greed and thirst for power filled with quick fixes will be the basis for these losses, leading to a thirsty soul. There is no place for those joyful memories where these emotions remain. It's a dark way, full of sorrow. The road to your own personal size requires new choices.

He is only willing to return to dreams and promises that have come into your first breath, only to refuse these human behaviors. These learned habits, like all human habits, must be replaced by a healthy and joyful man to liberate the ruling rule. Return to the light of your existence. Possible? Light always overcomes darkness. That's why a single candlelight can be seen on the dark night, up to three miles. We created it to look at the light!



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