When peace is your life is your life

When peace is in your life, you will not do anything without first looking at the inner being. Why is it that we know exactly the life of consultation with the inner man to find the way?

Is this the speed with which we have learned to determine our daily performance, which is why we forget what's important in life, in peace?

When your head hits the cushion at night, do you find some time before sleep so that your mind can turn around during the day? These are the last moments of awakening for the peace and solitude of the inner man while re-learning the activity of the sun to allow for the time and space left behind.

Would you like to experience the great flow of energy that becomes a person who is listening to and directing the source of Wisdom? You can reach this beautiful peace simply by allowing yourself to come into contact with God in a sensitive and prayerful way.

When I slow down my pace to recognize the "peace process" in my life, I simply use a small key or trigger, if you want, reminds me to breathe slowly, loosen my mind, mind concentrates on who I am , and all that I have to say, voila, is the "peace process".

Take a breath, breathe slowly, thank you, enjoy the peace!

Cheryl G Burke




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