Where Peace Is Debbie Robins – Book Review

Where's Peace? It was not born out of war or was disputed. Author Debbie Robins reveals the peace and finds three keys in his book: "Peace is alive." A book for all ages, kids and adults will surely be classic in "The Little Prince" line. It's more like a wonderful reading and a tool for spreading very valuable lessons.

The narrator is worried about the world and is amazed at why he can not just get to everyone. One night a visitor comes and insists that the angel, peace must be released. Peace is in a glass box and three keys are needed to open the lock. They need to find the keys and look for the right and wrong city. There are terrible things there. Residents are shared and insists on both sides that the other side is wrong. Even worse, the situation rises above the pit of bitterness and devours those who are "the right ones." The donkeys and the elephants play war robes, but this is not a game. There seems to be no hope of peace. However, Buddha, a poetic cat, shares a potion called Acceptance, and so there is hope.

Mister Buddha introduces our narrator to the concept of acceptance and the fact that kindness is kindness and the best of my friend Mahma. The adventure continues with the story of Understanding and Unity and then Forgiveness to the Sea where two orangutans, Chris and Mo, give more wisdom. Above the desert and the waterfall, and above a mountain range, they look for keys. Do they find it in time to save peace?

Proverbs, the story may be parallels, the lessons are still understood. After further reflection, deeper reports emerge and the reader can see how important the decisions are. The teachings of the colorful characters were inspired by Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad and Martin Luther King. Beautiful illustrations, nice characters, and the most important plot where peace lives. Further biographical data for key people are included in the back of the book, in the journal space and in the "reinforcement of peace affairs". Well-written and enjoyable experiences, this book is for everyone's read.

The Peace Life

Debbie Robins

ISBN-10: 0978721373

Review: Heather Froeschl



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