With married children? There are two simple steps to "sharing" and maintaining peace

If you are married and have a child, you are likely to have a premium price for a peaceful home. It has a peaceful relationship with your spouse, it is about "parental" issues that seem missing. There are a number of measures that can be used to strike a balance between your home and your relationship and offer you two steps that definitely support this process.

A lot of friction and strain can come from a child who knows how to divide & # 39; your parents to get there. "Sharing" occurs when a child or teenager asks the consenting parent's permission to do something, such as a friend's house. This kid sometimes does this to pick up a job that the other parent asked him to do. According to the permissive parent & # 39; yes & # 39; he does not know the task assigned to the young man. The clever boy quickly leaves the house and is able to avoid an outbreak between his parents.

If your child asks you to leave the house and go to a friend's house or to a movie or activity that removes your home, then the first step in avoiding conflicts is the simple matter. "What did Mother (Dad) say?" Or "asked her father (mother)"? This causes the child to notice that you are checking with your partners that there is no other agenda or task. This eliminates the potential for splitting.

The second step is to receive this confirmation or denial from the other parent. Some sample statements are as follows:

· "I'll do everything while your mom (dad) says it's okay."

"Let's go and ask her (mother) to make sure she (she) is okay with you."

"Go ask your mother (dad), then tell me what he says!"

A bit of follow-up in the end helps to make sure there's no "share" & # 39; and they are the same as their spouse. It is wonderful to me how often the behavior is shared with young people. What is even more wonderful is the fact that parents often do little to solve the problem. There are two simple steps to help you find solutions to this type of problem no longer in your home.

Although this will not alleviate all parental problems, it will put an end to a behavior that could potentially cause significant damage to its maritime relationship. A little more peace in the house goes far.



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