Woodstock party games, peace, man!

Music is on a Woodstock theme party. Guests come dressed in the 60's to get into the party's mood …

So he takes the groove on the Woodstock theme party and needs some fun to get all the participants. Enjoy these Woodstock style board games.

Try to play: "You said it!" Everyone has to tell a music story, a peace slogan, or a famous quote from the '60s or' 70s. Players out of ideas are exposed! You can also change the game by selecting the opponents for the orchestra / group / person who comes from the offer and points. This of course depends on the knowledge base of partygoers. This game is great for setting the subject's mood.

If you come into the era and the party jumps, try a game with the music of the music played in Woodstock. It takes a little bit of preparation ahead of time, but it does play some music from a song and allows the song, the artist or the name of the next song. Keep the points for the right guess, and most of the songs that you've played every song win! Try this game in teams as well.

Prizes and party favorites must be the same as the Woodstock theme and the party's supply, decoration, and environment. Light candles and garments. Make sure the party invitations show the theme so that the guest can come to costume.



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