Work towards peace and emotional balance with Bach flower remedies

Bach's flower remedies have been developed by Edward Bach, a Harley Street physician in the 1930s. He believed that physical illness conflicted with the individual, indicating an imbalance in certain areas of their lives. Dr. Bach observed that people with physical and emotional problems would recover more quickly if they recognized the relationship between their emotions and their physical health.

One of the most popular remedies for "Five Flowers", Dr Bach is only a combination formula, used as a single medicine. This is used during emotional anxiety, including:

– Disease and trauma recovery.
– Preparing for Healing or Therapy.
– In case of an emergency, reduce the suffering.
– To treat anxiety, for example, before visiting a dentist or traveling.
– To silence animals.

The five-flower cure is a combination of Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Clematis, Impatiens and Bethlehem Stars, which can be combined with itself or with other remedies.

Each flower has its own properties that contribute to the efficacy of five flower cures.

Cherry Plum:
Cherry plum grows into a small tree with pure white flowers that are pink in color. This flower helps during anxiety and fears of being out of control. Cherry plum helps peace and quiet to counterbalance stress during stressful times.

Rock Rose:
This yellow flower lies on the ground and serves to deal with great fear and dread reactions. Rock Rose helps restore stability and peace and brings light to the darkness of panic-stricken situations.

The clematical flower will help manage those who are dreamy, drowsy and do not completely awaken the world and the current circumstances. Through white flowers grown on scattered grapes, the Klemetis can lead to consciousness in the body and the present.

These mallow flowers grow in streams and shady areas. Flower trees are those who find it difficult to be patient and hope to do their job quickly. Impatiens helps with those who are nervous and irritable.

Bethlehem Star:
This is used when someone is in great trouble, for example, after serious news, a lover or an accident. The white six-pointed star helps to reach spiritual balance and acceptance for those deeply disturbed by the circumstances.

These flower essentials are the most popular and well-known combination remedy, "Five Flowers", prepared by Dr Bach's original rescue instructions. combination. Cures are created by deepening the flowers in a direct sunlight bowl, or they produce "mother tinctures" when they boil. It is the concentrated essence of the flower, which is further diluted with 1: 400 parts of 40% organic French pálinka to concentrate on traditional Bach flower stems. This can be combined with other medicines in a dispenser or in a glass of water for immediate consumption.

Occupation of Bach's flower is a challenge: Dr. Bach's flowers have a mirror in our emotional and psychological state. They help us understand how we react to change. We can find a way to handle problems and difficulties. Individuals and their emotional state play a central role in the experience and process of healing.



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