World peace – how can you help it promote it?

A part of the United Nations General Assembly in 2001 states that this day …

"is a day of global ceasefire and nonviolence, which serves to commemorate and strengthen the idea of ​​peace both by nations and between and within peoples … whose observation and celebration alleviates the tensions and causes of the conflict … inviting all nations and people to respect the rescues of victims during the day … and to appeal to all Member States, organizations and individuals to properly commemorate the International Day of Peace. "

I wonder how many people in the world are serious about taking this day seriously? All you have to do is monitor today's news and see how much violence exists everywhere in the world. It's a chance that this day will not be different from other days we've witnessed. There is still a long way to go for world peace.

But on an individual basis, we can do something to promote world peace. Since the world is the sum of individuals who make up the world's people, in fact global peace can spread, grow and flourish on an individual level. We can not be a peaceful world with non-peaceful people. So before you worry about what's going on hundreds of miles away, look at how you can contribute to world peace. Here are some suggestions for what you can do:

1. Think about any disagreement that surrounds you around. They may be friends, friends or co-workers. Are there any compromise areas that you can hunt with them? Peaceful coexistence begins with compromises. Everyone has to give them to do it.

2nd Are there people you do not like, even strangers? Do some spiritual practice, imagine if there is anything you can do and you can still live today. You might plant the seed for a future peaceful coexistence with these people.

3rd If you are a member of a religious organization who offers peaceful greeting ("peace be with you", "peace be yours", holiday, etc.), Take this greetings seriously and do not give greetings like an automatic. Our religions were not lacking in structures for the promotion of peace; only that very few members take these structures seriously.

4th Finally, do some introspection and consider if you are in peace. You are not in a position to promote peace if you can not do it with yourself. If you are not alone with yourself, ask yourself why? Your inner struggle involves the possibilities of all conflicts that you can do with the world and do its best. Getting to know inner conflict is the first step to finding a solution.

Promoting world peace is not only a collective effort, but also an individual effort. If you are the advocate of peace in the world, you start with yourself. This is a form of duality that complains about how others are doing your advocacy when you do not attain it at your own level. Start off yourself and make it out. As individuals grow alike, we can hope to reach the critical mass that is needed for peace to be a planet on the planet.



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