World Peace Prayer

The power of prayer is proven. It is time for all of us to offer the world peace prayer. We can change together. Thank you for your recognition of your peaceful power.

Initially set your intention aloud, or with yourself: "I will help create world peace by sending everyone a strong love energy, because we are all global citizens."

If you can, close your eyes and relax. Focus on your heart, and if possible place your hands on your heart. Love is power. Love is the answer, the solution.

Now imagine that the infinite pink light of love flows from your heart to your environment. As you get bigger and stronger, you're going to go all over your city, state, country and all over the world as long as the whole planet does not have your love energy.

Imagine newspaper articles say: THE WORLD PEACE IN!
There are photos of people dancing cheerfully across the streets all over the world. Everyone is happy and embraces her arms. Everyone is free and secure. Everyone peacefully resolves conflicts with win-win solutions.

Now imagine that you live in peace. Be aware that you can make a difference every day. For example, be kind and care for everyone, among you. "Love Yourselves for Peace" and you realize you make a big difference as a loving, caring global citizen.

When you feel full, slowly open your eyes. Feel the floor or the ground under your feet so that you feel.

Thank you for helping to create a difference and to create world peace.



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