Writing the peace treaty

"Do not I destroy my enemies when I make my friends?" – Abraham Lincoln

It was a beautiful peaceful day. I had sunshine and I was happy. Then it happened while in the middle of my spiritual practice I formed a battle behind the scenes and under my nose.

We all have internal chaos, so "You're your worst enemy," is a famous quote. The battle of the negative conquest. Recognize this battle. This happens when we complain about how we look, eat, clean, practice, talk and see ourselves. However, this battle takes place behind the negative conversation, which surprised me. This is the voice of our negative speech.

These are our basic convictions and they prevent us from moving forward to your dreams. There is an adult on one side of the battlefield and a little innocent child on the other side. You better sit, because I have to tell you something you do not know. Victory wins.

You can not tell the child to go away and if he tries to fight with him, he will still win because he does not play fair. There is only one way to stop the battle, and as Abraham Lincoln said in the aforementioned quotation, he had to be friends.

While I was striving to create more food and riches in my life when I was confronted with my child who created my life in which I lived. The most important belief I discovered was a five-year-old childhood voice telling me that money was destroying good people and that money would ruin my marriage and my family if I were too much. And first, when you listened attentively, your child helped me prove it. Through my eyes I saw and heard my parents fight for money. I felt the fear and the confusion. Because he did not understand the complexity of the world, marriage and adult responsibility, he made a judgmental child who felt my life. "Money is bad, money is people who love each other, are angry and fight

You might say to yourself that this looks weaker and you are right, since most of your credit is 2-10 years old, the older kids are usually quite immature, ridiculous and totally logical, a sincere mind originates from the magisterium, and then it is proven by the same or double repetition of a similar incident to the truth, to make the world clearer and clearer, to look for its inner child and to find events and situations that validate the original credit. it protects it because you never want to be scared and hurt as always

This money concept is one of the simplest validation because it is so widespread: "Money is the root of the evil", a quote you are familiar with? thoughts that have become core credits have done a wonderful job for us or we were small, with the simple interpretation of the complex world, protecting us from suffering and giving us more pleasure. Now the same beliefs form the exact life our inner child thinks he is defending us. These dissolution of beliefs are a great way to continue to grow and raise our inner adult.

It is completely attentive to my child's voice, as if I had felt such a love for the little, sweet and innocent child for the first time, and yet I felt ready to give myself up to my life as an adult. I wanted to feel the pleasure of making money for my work while acknowledging that I have the money to support my community and most importantly to support my family. I needed to link the child and the adults in a way that both could be valued and recognized. I needed a win-win situation. Immediately Abraham Lincoln's quotation migrated to my head, which came in a newsletter one day ago. That was the reason why the universe was trying to say something. I encouraged me to describe the way to create peace.

At this moment was born the peace treaty.

So I bought a piece of paper and the top of the page I wrote:

"Peace agreement with my money-hating self." I pulled a line in the middle of the page and addressed one of the pages

Why I Love It

… and the other Side …

Why I Do not Need It anymore

I started listing what I loved about the sweet five year about my child who protected the money. I also listed what I learned about never having much money in my life. Because we never adhere to negative behaviors if we do not have the benefit. For every item listed on the left, I wrote about why she was okay, without giving her any reason why she could trust me and leave her on the right.

What immediately became apparent was the feeling of gratitude that filled my heart. I was so glad that I went to the road I did and became a new person with new acquaintance. I realized how many times this toddler tried to stop me from living the life I wanted, so sure he was right to protect the pain, because only the survival child knows how.

It was a wonderful experience to write the peace treaty with this sweet and innocent, heavily murdered child. My heart was open and I felt free. Then he spoke in my adult voice that the child knows he is safe and no longer has to defend it because I was ready to be the responsible adult.

After sharing my experiences with others, I quickly realized that this is an effective tool for everyone. I felt myself using the peace treaty to other old beliefs I had surrounded. I have come to realize that I have many children in the past who have prevented me from advancing in other areas of my life.

It is time to stop the internal struggle within which we are going. We have created peace in ourselves and created our own peace treaty. They all deserve peace. Because through the peace we find the freedom we have been looking for.

Copyright 2008-9 by Rain Fordyce

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