Yoga for World Peace

In a peaceful world, different societies recognize and respect the needs, values ​​and responsibilities of others. People put themselves in the shoes of others to solve important issues. Men, women and children from time to time learn how to sacrifice to society as a whole. The conflict has flourished all over the world since the beginning of the time, and world peace seems almost unattainable. The idea of ​​world peace must begin with each individual. Everyone has to find inner peace that allows them to be calm and centered. Everyone must work from a place that is not egocentric but empathetic, loving and compassionate.

Inner Peace

Those practicing yoga know that this is an effective means of creating an inner peace at the same time for an individual. Yoga is a tool to free daily stress, worry and annoyance. It urges you to focus on your body and your breathing, rather than leaving your minds, which causes more stress and anxiety. The meditative part of yoga practice will help you to think intentionally or at the present moment. It helps to give thanks in the little moments of life that we often leave because we are thinking of something past or future. When you are grateful and present at the present moment, you can bring peace to yourself.


When inner peace begins to wash you, it is much easier to start taking into account the needs and feelings of others. When you begin to use empathy to influence the decisions of your life, people begin to see compassionate people. Compassionate people resolve conflicts by bringing others' needs to their own, creating a more peaceful situation for everyone. If all the world were to behave with sympathy and empathy, the conflicts would fall and we would be on the road to world peace.

Promoting Service

Another principle of yoga is the service of others. It helps others while they ask for nothing, people feel comfortable inside, increase self-confidence and improve people's relationships. Yoga encourages you to help others in ways that make sense to you. When people go for the sake of others, the world is in a peaceful place instead of the pursuit of selfish goals.

Yoga can really bring peace if everyone is on board. Regardless of the differences, if everyone follows the full enlightenment, the world will have a positive effect.

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