You live in peace with your decisions

After we make the decision, we must learn to walk in peace. There is no decision in the rock railing. If tomorrow we know that we are not satisfied with a certain decision, we can do new things to change things. If the decision proves disastrous, then we can go back and sort out the consequences, but we should not waste the time or the energy to pull ourselves up after making a bad decision.

Not long ago I faced a difficult decision. I was worried about the decision over the days. I knew what was right, but I was not sure. Realizing that I was wasting a lot of energy that was obsessed with my decisions, there were two powerful coaching questions: "What's the worst thing that can happen?" and then "are I willing to live with this?"

The first answer was that I might be hostile to a friend by my decision, and maybe they would be unpopular with some people. The second question I realized was that I was willing to live with the fact that the decision was well felt despite these consequences. I looked at other possible choices, but none of them felt right, so I decided to go ahead and live according to my choices. I had to be in peace and leave my concern because that was the best decision I made at that time.


After all, some of our decisions do not seem to be the best and we often see the better ones we could do. But usually we know the best at that time. If it turns out that our decision is a mess, we just have to clean up the mess, apologize to those who are affected and say goodbye. There are very few decisions that can not be changed if they are not doing the best.

If the decision is confused, ask the two coaching questions:

o What is the worst thing that may happen?

o Are I ready to live with her?

Once you have the answer, you will have a better idea of ​​how to continue your decision.

After making his decision in peace with him. Go on and live with it. The regret of energy consumption does not change anything, only a new, better decision can be a bad solution. Take responsibility for your decisions.

Coaching Question

Are You Yours Peaceful?

Daily Activity

Did You Make a Decision That Bother You? Ask yourself the above two questions. Your answers will tell you what to do. If he feels that he has made the best decision, he could release the pity, take responsibility for the decision and live with it in peace.


"If you can not understand which two equally balanced actions you have to choose, choose bolder." William Joseph Slim

"If I make a minor decision, I always consider myself to be in a position to judge all the benefits and disadvantages and in our important decisions of personal life, we think the deep internal needs of our nature." Sigmund Freud

"Nothing is harder, so it's more expensive than being able to decide. "Napoleon Bonaparte



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