Your gift

YOUR gift 2009 is the year of challenges. We struggled against the blows, we asked them to control the ethics and the morals of our morality. Many people threatened their lives and homes and many of us had to recognize that the status quo was not so solid Things changed. But it's a great recognition. Understanding that people are more important and lying than any other important thing in your life and life.

This new discovery is the "present" you can give yourself and everyone around you. Summer 2008. Change in perception in therapy. This season is the perfect time to look at and ask yourself what this really is for you. Let all ads, advertisements, and expectations go from others and others. Now try to decide what the "GIFT" really is for you.

When the perfect "scene" is looking for someone to give someone what they really need to be loved.

This is what I see through the office door. Kids who say they want this game or play, but they just want the dad to come out and play with them for an hour. I think of a teenager as if they did not want their parents, but they just wanted their parents to hear, acknowledge and understand them for a moment.

My parents have a desire to balance their lives to spend more time with their family, but they do not know how to do it. I have a mom that needs only an hour to relocate them to give back to their families what they need. I see people getting to change the world, but do not take a moment to change themselves. I see people who want real gifts … not to come to a box.

The 2009 celebration gives you the opportunity to visit people in your life and what GIFT really brings peace, happiness and joy to them. After all, is not all we want the cards to say? Get in touch with you and find out what the "gift" means to you. A nice thing will happen. You can see the lights!

Shauna Hoffman, MA, MFT



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