Your head: friend or enemy?

Are you, your best friend or the worst enemy? Are you in control of your thoughts or allow them to be flooded and controlled by you? What is in our mind is usually either better, stronger and calmer, or it has the opposite effect. What are the dominant, dominant thoughts in and useful, or weaker and less effective? Henry Ford is often credited with saying You think it may or may not. In each case you will be right. There have been several other reports of the stage, Whatever the mind of man, he can perceive and imagine . With this in mind, this article will try to briefly consider, examine, review and discuss with the mnemonic approach what this tool and representations mean and why it is an important aspect of our general health and well-being.

first Healing Head / Heart: When we are calmer, we usually live a healthier, happier life. Therefore, when we use our heads and minds towards the focusing focus, it is significantly advantageous. However, there must be a process that uses both logical and emotional components in the best way! I refer to this as a head / heart balance, a reduction in stress and a more relaxed life. If you imagine and believe, you can get things efficiently and effectively, exponentially, and increase your chances! Follow the words of Groucho Marx, who said: This is a question If you don't know it, it doesn't matter.

2. Energy; positioning; excellence perseverance: In your life's life, based on great, positive energy, and with your emphasis, bigger picture and solutions, you usually live a happier, healthier life. Without placing an unreasonably high amount of emphasis, we should strive to continue with the highest level of excellence and not good enough. A healthy lifestyle requires endurance to prevent obstacles. Not a challenge (overcome), better mind-image than a problem?

Attitude Attention, Agenda aptitude: Health begins with creating, maintaining and maintaining real, positive, capable! This allows you to pay attention to the most important considerations instead of sweating the little things ! Focus on developing skills and skill sets, goals, priorities and personal agenda as well as hopes / wishes!

4th Deeply; discover delivers Go beyond the surface and deep, discover what you want, you need, desire, and hope! If you want to pass on your personal promises (yourself), do everything you can to be the best!

A friend or enemy of HEAD, ? Continue, calmly reduce unnecessary stress and tension (tension) and be as happy as possible!



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