Your Honor Is The Best of You – How to Keep the Mind Peace in Stormy Times

These are crazy times we live in. Everything seems to be gentle and the fear is in the air. The future did not look like such uncertainty for a long time (at least in my memory). Wherever we turn, we hear bad news. Whether it is directly or to our next neighbor, it does not seem like we can get away from stress.

However, it is impossible to regain and maintain peace of mind. It's cool, calm and collected, regardless of what's going on around you. Here are some ways to do this:

  1. Turn off (or at least limit) TV news. In my opinion, if you do this one step you will do more for peace of mind than everyone else. While 24 hours of news feeds are welcome, no matter how you can access 24-hour news feeds, this undermines the peace of the country and the real world. Unfortunately, the good news is NOT news, so we are constantly confronted with images and stories of bad things that happen again and again to fill the 24-hour time frame. Turn off or identify the maximum time you can watch the news for yourself. In good times, we got news in a 30-hour time frame, at 6pm and 11am. Somehow we managed to get well informed and directed. Personally, this is my current goal of news feed.
  2. Breathe deep and breathe. Another manifestation of tranquility is to maintain calm. Long, slow, deep breaths help you enter the "zone", to the place where you get in touch with your wisdom where you feel God and the universe. This is where you know "this is going through" and what you have to do to avoid being overwhelmed.
  3. Focus on your life (gratitude). Surprisingly, a calm and peaceful feeling is to grate for all the good things in our lives. When we focus on and appreciate blessings in our lives, it is difficult to smile. When we smile we lose our peace of mind. Plus, the more gratitude we feel, the more things we get in our lives that we feel grateful.
  4. Focus on what you control. Great way to lose the peace of mind, we must try to control things we do not have control over. This is a sure road to madness. While I believe in creating our own reality (and yes, it means that we jointly create these economic times), the only thing we can influence and influence is the one we have direct control. It does not matter how big or small it is to get back to control, we can connect to power and it is very difficult not to feel the peace of mind when we feel the control.
  5. It's a perfect time to suppress and use this nervous energy. The worst thing you can do when you feel stress and excessive persistence is to sit around and focus on fear. We all know that this negative thinking brings and trusts me, the opposite of "calmness". If you find yourself in a hyperbole, stand up and start using this energy. Clean the refrigerator, arrange the cabinet, handle the mess in the garage, and take the laundry. Do whatever you have to do and recover the feeling of control and peace that is critical to riding because of the storm.
  6. Go into nature, regardless of the weather. Drink deep in the fresh air and notice the relief. No matter how I feel, a drive or walk in the country is renewed, regenerated and refreshed. I feel calm and peaceful and I look forward to returning home to "work". It rejoins me with my soul, just because I really pay attention to the beautiful landscape around me. The best thing about this strategy is that you are right in front of your door and are free!
  7. Help others to be relaxed. Another unusual proposition to keep your own peace of mind, helping others maintain. When we choose to serve as an example and to do our utmost to help others maintain peace, our allegiance must be honest. We all feel a fake emotion (although we feel uncomfortable without explaining why), so you need to be relaxed to alleviate the stress of those around you. This is a great gift for both you and them.
  8. Continue to work, so do not give up. No matter what your business is, even if you're looking for a job, do not give up. There is a positive energy cycle that goes so far: the more relaxed, the better you are and you have a better chance of success. The more optimistic and lasting you are, the more relaxed you will be. This is magic and works well!
  9. Pray, meditate, listen to your favorite (soothing) music. When the TV is switched off, you have plenty of time to access other activities, so you may want to choose activities that promote peace of mind. This includes prayer, meditation, listening to music, walking, reading, some exercises (such as yoga), everything that helps in refocusing and resting in peace and quiet.
  10. And did I mention the deep breath? I can not over-emphasize the power of deep breathing. When it concentrates on the breathing process, it slows down all the breath and exhales loudly, cutting off. Always have at least 3 breaths, each slower and deeper than the last one. That's what you can do, wherever you are, no matter what. Most people will not know that they enter the non-stressed zone, where calm is the sunset. If necessary, set the alarm to its watch to leave 30 to 60 minutes in the center and in the center.

Try to practice these different steps on a regular basis and see that it does not help you regain control and handle life in your life.



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